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No longer will you have to “balance” a ball on the point of a standard tee. Standard length tees are simply too short and the extra long tees on the market break easily and are difficult to set at a consistent height. CertainTee provides a major advance in tee design that can actually make your game more consistent and enjoyable.

Use CertainTee and see your game improve.
A consistent tee height will improve the consistency of your ball striking. CertainTee™ is designed to make you a better golfer by providing one more level of consistency to your game. Hi-tech impact resistant CertainTee has THREE (3) height setting stops. Repeating the setting you adopt for your swing or club will be easy with the visual and sensory feedback provided by the stops. Click photo on the right for more information.

We guarantee you’ll like it or we’ll refund your money.
No questions asked.

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